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The NUADU platform is an educational app designed to provide each student with an unique learning experience based on their proficiency, which it measures.

Solutions for K12

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Cambridge Assessment International Education
Science and Maths 1–6

Daily drilling practice based on Cambridge Primary international syllabus content

Solutions for K12

Formative assessments for Years 1–6 and 7–10 Key Learning Areas

Indonesia National Curriculum (K-13)

Thematic curriculum and exam preparation for Primary, Lower Secondary and Upper Secondary education

Singapore Curriculum

Primary Curriculum content: Maths, English, Science for years 1-6

Philippines Curriculum

Maths and Science for Grades 4 - 10

Polish Curriculum

Primary and Secondary Curriculum content

Social-Emotional Learning

SEL for Prevention is a comprehensive social and emotional learning curriculum designed for elementary & middle school students.

Content providers

Marshall Cavendish Education

Marshall Cavendish Education is a provider of K–12 educational solutions which integrates its distinctive research-driven approach into its curriculum and professional development.

Alston Publishing House

Alston Publishing House is a PreK–12 publisher that develops textbooks and educational resources to meet the unique needs of learners and educators.

Five Senses Education

Five Senses Education is an Australian publisher and distributor, providing innovative educational resources for students, teachers and primary and secondary schools.

Phoenix Education

Phoenix Education is a secondary and tertiary Australian publishing house, specialising in English, Drama, Maths and History student and teaching resources.

Primary Education Books

Primary Education Books has produced mathematics and spelling books that have met the needs of many thousands of Australian students for thirty years. It specialises in material catering for students from Years 2 – 6. The books have been carefully written to meet the wide-ranging needs of all students in the classroom.

Hodder Education Singapore

Hodder Education Singapore is an experienced educational publisher with over 100 years of publishing history.

Singapore Asia Publisher

Singapore Asia Publisher helped millions of students benefit from and excel in curriculum based learning.

Educational Publishing House

Singapore publisher which provides quality educational books, ranging from assessment and textbook titles to children's and general books.

SEL for Prevention

SEL for Prevention has been built on a deep understanding of children, developed over last 20 years.
SEL for Prevention is a comprehensive social and emotional learning curriculum designed for elementary & middle school students.

Big Pond Enterprises

Big Pond Enterprises (BPE) is a provider of educational technology solutions and other digital resources for K-12 schools in Philippines.>


CMedia is an Indonesian publisher specialized in educational contents for both curriculum and exam preparation.


MACeducation (Bangkok, Thailand) has been producing and distributing state-of-the-art learning media for more than 35 years.


C&E (Philippines) is a provider of innovative and comprehensive educational resources and solutions.

Pelangi Books

Pelangi Books (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) provides educational resources, learning content, and multimedia learning tools.

Solutions for Learning Centres

Language School

Intensive grammar drill to improve English proficiency

Training Center

Online assessment platform
Create your own learning content!
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Tutoring Center

Solutions for Higher Education and Vocational Training


Vocational School

Certification Body

Reach your goals!


Better scores through personalised learning.

Learn at your own pace with the materials suited to your needs and be proud of your own progress.


Data driven education.

Access insights into your students’ progress and needs and the tools to address them.


Informed and engaged.

You understand where your child stands and what they need to do to progress.

School Principal

Performance monitoring for better decisions.

Monitor engagement and learning effectiveness at school.


Improved social trust.

Improve learning outcomes through implementing education technology across your district.

Usage models

Flipped Learning

An approach in which the conventional notion of classroom-based learning is flipped so that students are introduced to the learning material before class using the NUADU platform. With a snapshot of the students’ knowledge and skills before class, the teacher can use classroom time more effectively. It also brings a more personalised mastery of the content.

Blended Learning

An approach to learning that combines face-to-face and online (digital) learning experiences. Teachers can choose which lessons should be conducted traditionally and which should be done digitally. In NUADU, teachers can use or create interactive resources.

Summative Assessments

NUADU allows schools to measure skills in reference to topics, curriculum, and cognitive skills.

Formative Assessments

Teachers monitor and check student understanding continually through bite-size pieces of content. In NUADU, formative activities may take the form of homework, diagnostic tests or weekly check-ups, conducted in the classroom or at home. Feedback to adjust ongoing teaching and learning to improve students’ achievement of intended instructional outcomes.

Exam Preparation (mock exams)

Mock-up exams prepared in NUADU are easy to create and incredibly beneficial for students. They can help students get ahead with their revision, practice effective revision strategies, improve their knowledge, familiarise themselves with pressure, and act as a guide moving forward.

Personalised Learning

The educational approach that aims to customise learning for each student’s strengths, needs, skills, and interests. In NUADU each student is provided with assessments and learning resources that are tailored to suit their individual level of knowledge and skills.

Selected Students

Teachers select a group of students (usually grouping students by their academic level to either reward or motivate them) to use NUADU for learning.

Computer Lab

In a school where labs are equipped with digital devices and internet access, teachers can use NUADU to solve exercises with students, conduct lessons and access thousands of multimedia resources in the extensive Knowledge Base.

Home Use

Teachers can assign activities to the students to do at home in the form of homework, quizzes, or lessons. Recommended home activities include bite-sized pieces of content to motivate them to work systematically. Automatically graded exercises are available in the Progress tab in the teacher account.


NUADU allows the possibility of exploring and expanding by students on their own via Self-Practice mode which allows students to assign training sessions without teacher involvement.


NUADU is here to help you reach your goals, providing education tailored to your needs.

We offer effective solution to support learning and knowledge evaluation.

Company profile

NUADU is an education company offering innovative digital assessment solution. The online platform and app identify students' learning gaps, and then provides data, content and tools to bridge these gaps effectively. Currently, NUADU has offices in Australia, Indonesia, Poland, and Singapore.

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